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If you have used The Writer’s Handbook, you may be familiar with some of the other resources at this site. Now we have added this blog so that you can ask questions or join in on a discussion about what you are learning.

Academic writing is difficult because you are learning about your topic as you write about it. Writing reflectively on a blog has its own challenges. For example, you are writing to a broad audience, sharing opinions and feelings and possibly wondering what your audience will think or how they will respond. Since one of the most difficult aspects of all writing is fear of criticism, writing on a blog requires that you push through your fears so that you can put yourself in the public arena.

Blogging brings ideas to life, connecting people of similar interests who can share their experiences. At times, blogs provide an arena for growth and healing. For example, if writing is one of your challenges, you can find validation from others when they write about how writing is challenging for them too. You can also experiment applying new tools and techniques that you learn from others at the blog.

Have you used The Writer’s Handbook? If so, what are some topics that you enjoyed? What are some ideas that you’d like to share?

What are some of your writing challenges? What has helped you push through your “writer’s block”?

We’d love to hear from you.


Dona Young




Do you have editor’s block?

When writers have challenges getting their ideas on the page, they sometimes think that they have writer’s block.

A far more common writing block is editor’s block. One type of editor’s block is trying to get the ideas “right” while they are still in your head.

When you try to edit your words before they are on the page, you are likely to lose your ideas and feel frustrated.

Instead, trying doing a mind map and then spend about 10 minutes freewriting.

The most important step that you will make to improve your writing process is to separate composing from editing.

What do you think–are you willing to give it a try? 🙂

A Note about The Writer’s Handbook Blog

This blog is still somewhat “under construction”–in other words, we are just not getting it started.

As the weeks go by, we will be adding new postings.

In the meantime, enjoy the site–we look forward to your participation and comments!